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Hi there, I  am a Pretoria Single mum online called Adelaide and I live in Soshanguve. However I am twenty five years of age. Furthermore, school always kept me busy but now I am done with my school. Therefore marriage was not a rush for me.  I am a Teacher By Profession – I don’t have time to be out so that I can Meet variety of man.

Relating to the above mentioned, I want a man to date. A serious man to be specific. Moreover, a man from Pretoria too. However I chose that location because that’s where I am thinking of going to stay. This is also because I can’t stand the distance of relationships when it’s serious.

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The type of man I am looking for as a single lady

Therefore want a man whose age ranges from twenty to twenty two years old. A man who is willing to wed with me anytime soon. This is because I feel I am already behind time. Because of the rush, I will help with the wedding expenses. Furthermore I don’t mind what amount of money you are earning, love is all I want.

Furthermore I want a man who has an ambition. Because a man who has an ambition is one who is smart, focused and driven. All of those qualities that are considered a huge plus for a potential partner to have. Therefore I am very much attracted to that.

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 What I am to offer as a Pretoria Single mum online

However you better best believe it, I want a pretty single man who is family oriented. Just like being ambitious, having the desire to take care of one’s family. Therefore I don’t mind if you have a child. Furthermore I can translate to kindness, love and reliability. Wouldn’t you want that from your date?

How to contact me

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43 thoughts on “Pretoria Single mum online- Adelaide – 40 Single Mum –I need a Wonderful Man Who will Make me joyous Again

    1. Im Emmanuel lm from mpumalanga province Witbank lm single lm looking for serious relationship that can lead us to marriage plz whatsapp me on 0726425591

    1. I have all the qualities to be surrounded, loved and appreciated,

      I AM an honest, loyal person, giving a lot of Mineself with compassion, without ever expecting anything in return,

      I have this “Life Force” within me, capable of knocking down mountains.

      +233240130989. Thanks

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      1. Wow well I guess I’m the perfect guy for you…becz you want to be joyous again and I got the right idea to provide tht change

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  3. Hi i am also looking for my soulmate age 30-45 to give you joy and happines and i promise to take care wattsup me here:0761725722

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