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General Information before getting my direct Whatsapp Number

As A pilot I don’t have time to share my details on Whatsapp and offer my direct Whatsapp number has become the solution. More so I fly from Kenya to South Africa on several occasion. Firstly I favour Satespace because they are open for me.

In addition to the above, I am a beautiful woman and people mistake everything I do for pride but it’s never the case. I am a humble lady who is down to earth although I have drinking problems. My temper is like an ocean and I never run out of it. Nonetheless, I would prefer to be with someone who never pushes me to anger.

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My family and kids are just as beautiful

I have two kids, a boy and a girl. My husband won custody of them when we divorced and I only see them like five times a month because I have a drinking problem. This is bad but it gives me time to party and be a teenager once again though. As for my family, we are always happy especially on thanksgiving Sundays.

How to Get Whatsapp Number for A Free Single Mum Online

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Dress code for beautiful ladies

My beauty can never allow to dress just like some random person. I dress in such a way that all the attention comes to me when I pass by. When you see my pictures on SATESPACE, you will feel like flirting with me right away because I am extremely attractive. In the case of social media, I am only available on SATESPACE because I barely have the time for other free dating sites.

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Why I Love dating online even though I am a beautiful woman

Well, the first reason is that dating online relieves me of the stress to look all nice for a date. I know we will be flirting on all those video calls so there is obviously less burden for me as your online date. When you are dating me online, I will provide you with all the money to buy data and new gadget so we never lose contact.


I am now going to give you my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE. Hit my SATESPACE inbox right now if you want me to flirt with you right away. Let’s take online dating to another level through SATESPACE:

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