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Well thank you for taking your time to visit us. We have 1000+ Singles Whatsapp number here and even email. In addition you can meet them even near your place. Meet Lydia as she explain about her love life.

General in information about Lydia – Singles Whatsapp Number

Humble and shy are my major traits. I can’t face a man because I went to girls high. We don’t even see men for something around three months. Hence I can’t even accept a proposal live that’s why I added my Whatsapp number on Singles Whatsapp number.

I have two children all girls, my favourite colour is Blue and white. In addition I like going out to food outlets and to dams. Furthermore my favourite food is French fries and sausage. When it comes to dressing I don’t put on skinny dresses which shapes my body.

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What I am expecting here on Singles

As a Single mother, if I post my number here I have a test of men I am looking for.  However if you promise to be good to me I will give you a chance. My favourite man is the one who is back from the gym and not fat. You must not be too huge and unable to walk for yourself.

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You must be God fearing like me – In addition to the above you must be a non-smoker and with sober habits. On the other hand I prefer someone with his own children so that it would be fair. To you my husband I would like to say I love you daddy

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My direct Whatsapp Number +27 60 779 7715

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In conclusion I just want to say let God lead us on this relationship till we meet.

Thank you to other sites which inspired me to come here FAMA CLOUD I thank you

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  1. I am 25years from eldoret I lives in Nairobi l am looking for a single fine leady to make her happy and have good times together

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