30-year-old sugar mummy looking for a guy 35 and above Real man who is Single. –

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General information

My name is Leah and I live in KZN South Africa. I am a rich sugar mummy who has money which can’t buy her love. Most of my time is spent at work or alone at home thus I want someone. Since I also have no kids, I decided to find someone I can spend some quality time with. Someone who can keep me company and love me.


I am tall in height and I have a brown skin tone. Am not slim neither am I thick, am average. Shorts are my favorites in my wardrobe because they suit me better. I have short hair but I keep it braided in different styles.

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What I am Looking for As sugar mummy

I am looking for a Ben10 whose age ranges from twenty to thirty five years old. Someone who will love me only, one who will be loyal and committed to me. Basically I am interested in young love, I vibe better with them.

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A Ben10 who is willing to love me unconditionally and respect my decisions. A guy who will give me his attention and time.

However, I want my guy to be tall in height. Any body shape is okay. I am not racist so any skin colour is okay with me. Love conquers so any religion is okay. I want someone who has no curfew so that he can stay at my house sometimes.

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How to contact me

We can discuss this further on whatsapp. If you want to see me first I can send you my address. Don’t hesitate, I have experience, I will treat you right.

My direct whatsapp number is +27 65 346 256 88.
I am counting on you. Thank you for taking my whatsapp Number. I would Like to say God bless you.

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